A1 Print "The Deep Blue"
Artwork for the Creative Reactions exhibition in Cambridge, UK, 2018. 
These drawings are based on the research about Arctic marine animals by Professor LLoyd Peck. Creative Reactions is part of the Pint of Science festival where scientists get paired with artists.
The scientists give a presentation and talk about their research in local pubs during the Pint of Science week while the artists are creating any kind of artwork based on the work of the scientist they got paired with.
I love these projects, it's so enriching to learn about new themes and meet interesting people! The exhibition takes usually part in an old church which creates a very unique atmosphere. 
Impressions of the Creative Reactions exhibition in St. Barnabas Church, Cambridge, UK.
I actually won the 2. prize for my The Deep Blue artwork! ;)

Print "The Sea Bed"
Scribbles and ink drawings
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